Volunteer rankings and statistics - 05/07/2017

            This month we are pleased to report that although we have seen a dip in transcriptions and confirmations corresponding to an improvement in the weather, June was a good month, with 906 active users and we are still welcoming a number of new recruits. With regards to minimum count positions we now have 298 volunteers up to 3 figures in their minimum counts, 134 on a 4 figure minimum, 42 on 5 figures and of course the top 4 are all on 6 figures. Combined figures for transcriptions and confirmations show that the top 232 volunteers have done over 1,000 pins each and the top 80 have each done over 9,000 which is amazing. We are sorry we cannot change the leader board technology, especially as it becomes harder to find places where new pins are required thus making balancing transcriptions with confirmations increasingly difficult. However, we hope you will persevere and help us finish off the confirmations.

            Updated: 06 Jul 2017 01:29 AM
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