Volunteer rankings and statistics - 14/09/2017

            Although it's been quite quiet over the summer as people have been away on their holidays there has still been plenty of activity on GB1900. Latest statistics are in, and you may have noticed we have now passed the 2 million confirmation mark, which is fantastic. Our top 6 are now into six figure minimum counts, the top 46 into five figure minimums, the top 141 into four figures whilst the top 309 are all into the hundreds. We appreciate that because there are so few initial pins still needing to be done it is becoming increasingly difficult to move up the leader board. This is reflected in the figures below, which understandably have not altered that much since last time, despite over 370,000 attempted transcriptions being done during the period since the start of July. Progress on confirmations is going well, thanks to our volunteers for all your hard work.

            Updated: 15 Sep 2017 11:51 PM
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