Volunteer rankings and statistics - 28/04/2017

            This month the statistics are slightly down on past counts, however this is something we would expect given this period covers the run up to Easter and as we begin to see better weather.  Progress is still coming along nicely and we are heading towards the 4 million transcription mark which is excellent. Below are the rankings for this month for those outside the top ten. We're pleased to report we now have 117 volunteers who have a ranking count value containing at least 4 figures, and 38 volunteers who have ranking counts of 5 figures or more. This month's graph depicts the top 100 volunteers divided up into groups of 25. It compares the percentage of transcriptions verses the percentage of confirmations for each group and it is encouraging to see the biggest difference between the two in these four groups is only 8.5%.

            Updated: 27 Apr 2017 10:39 PM
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