Volunteer rankings and statistics - 30/05/2017

            It's great to see the number of transcriptions is now well past the 4 million mark, including over 1.5 million confirmations. We're also glad to see we've had 60 downloads of the initial dump of the raw GB1900 data for experimentation, and we remain keen to hear from any of those who have downloaded the data as to how they intend to the use the final data-set once created and if they have any suggestions for the final format which would improve it for them.

            As always the statistics for this month showing rankings for those beyond the top ten. We now have 288 volunteers who have minimum edit counts into 3 figures, wonder if we'll make it to 300 by the end of June? 

            This month is a doughnut pie-chart showing the relative percentage of all transcriptions verses all confirmations in each month. As you'd expect the balance is gradually shifting from a higher percentage of transcriptions to more confirmations as the map fills up with pins

            Updated: 31 May 2017 01:15 AM
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